Thursday, August 23, 2012

Days Like This

School's back in session here. The buses are all over and shrills of excitement are becoming a frequent song in our house. Who knew a big yellow bus could bring such joy? We go outside and wait for the many to pass by the house each day. It's a little thingy thing we do. I'm not able to forget. *smile*

 I guess it is the littlest things for the Littles' in my life. It makes me smile. 

A lot of my days are starting to look like this. Sitting back and watching my two become captivated by simple things like slides and swings.

It hasn't been so long since they needed help with getting up and down the steps or guidance on what to really do in a world meant for them to imaginate a wide range of things.

Now, they take off and create a place where they are the only ones that seem to know the story line. They move the hills that used to seem like mountains before and are really blowing me away with the leaps and bounds they're making on a daily basis. 

Days like this are fairly quiet on my end. Conversation is rare and mainly a one way thing. I'm really alright with that. It gives my mind a chance to wander a lot more. Sometimes it ventures off to the far corners of my heart with thoughts like what this fall is going to be like. 

Sometimes its more of a simplistic thought process like "WHOA! My toes look chippy!"

These days make me happy. They're busy and relaxing which seems to be a great combination for a slow movin' Moma. They play until their hearts content and give me plenty opportunities to collect as many special little quirky moments to keep for later.

Not to mention they're completely worn out for nap time at 1. Cheers to that!!

We kick our shoes off to the beginning of another school year. To quiet parks. To the change in the air. To a season of new and bright. To freshly sharpened pencils and brand new crayons. 

We'll be here....playing, imagining, swinging, and frolicking around. 


  1. I LOVE the nail color!!! Who cares if it's chippy :) Your days look a lot like ours...

  2. Sounds like a charmed life to me! (:>)

    Sweet pictures of the girls!

    I like your flip flops and your toenail polish!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. Love the sweet pictures! Our days are so much like yours. I love this season of life!


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