Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello there! I know things have been a little quiet here. I've been slowing down and enjoying the calmer pace that we've adopted. It's better that way and suits this prego Moma our busy a little bit better.

Sitting back and enjoying has been more of an occurrence than anything else. The girls are busier than ever and at a constant speed of nonstop go-go-go. Back and forth, up and down. Their new ebb and flow is definitely a steady beat...very much quick-tempo...something I'm slowly growing accustomed to. Slowly. 

Little things for someone so tiny are being paired together. Her world is being created at a very slow pace but I'm trying patiently to pull things together.

 The time is getting closer for the chance to meet her and this Moma is working her hands to get it all ready for her arrival. So are her sisters.  

I feel her bobble to and fro through out the day making it known that she is there. She's more alive than ever though at the sound of her sisters' voices. Almost like she knows how much she is loved by them. 

We are all in the midst of change here. The girls not so much aware of it's presence, but I know it's there. I feel it in my body. I see it in my girls. I sense it in my heart and my husband's. It's crumb trail is all over and I wonder just how much more there will be before it's the norm.  

Where I lack in energy and stamina, I'm fully blessed and filled with joy for the season I'm in...taking it's goodness for what it is. A blink. For while I can stutter that I wish this would pass so quickly, I know in my heart that our summer's will no longer look this way and feel this calm. My morning snuggles will no longer be so solitaire. Two's will be upgraded and modifications made to accept our little blessing. God has something greater for us not to far off and it's path varies greatly from the one we're on today. 

I just wonder how our 4 will manage being a 5. 


  1. This post really hits home. I can recall so vividly how I felt as I was rounding the bases of my latest pregnancy. Slow is the perfect word. I was watching my girls run circles around me and really not able to get much of anything done on a given day - even though I wanted to. I was just SLOW and tired and anxious ... and excited, but more curious as to how it would be as a family of FIVE vs. FOUR. We had been such a little team - the four of us. How would this new person fit in?? I pondered that so, so often. As I left for the hospital ... I just inhaled my "babies". I didn't want them to feel abandoned or lost without me - without our foursome. Little did they know ... life was about to change so much. I was fearful. Our baby just turned 5 months this past week and I honestly (with all my heart) can not believe we ever made it through one day without her. She brought us together as a family more than I ever thought possible. She was the glue we needed, but didn't know we needed - if that makes any sense. I look back and wonder how I ever worried about how it would go. But - at the time... there was no possible way to know that. We didn't 'know' this new family member. Had we known her - our minds would have been put to ease. I share this with you because 5 months into parenting three girls (twins and a baby - just like you) ... I am feeling more full, more blessed more in love with our life than I ever thought possible. Don't get me wrong - we've had curve balls and bumps in the road and we've all be TIRED, at times ... but without doubt ... it's better than I could have ever prayed for. The innate bond between all three sisters makes me feel like I've won a gold medal everyday. It's that amazing. I wish you strength and peace in this last leg of your pregnancy journey. I can not wait for you to meet your newest blessing and for it all to make perfect sense. Because it will.

  2. Great post :) It's so exciting when you get closer to having the new baby, I think everyone is just dying to finally meet her.

    God Bless,


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