Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flutter Flutter

It's nap time right now at my house. The dogs snuggled in their blankets all cozy like. Miss Savannah is in her bed with her menagerie of babies and I believe Miss Hope fell asleep at the door again. A habit which is becoming to much of a daily event. Another phase I suppose?

Besides falling into my bed at night time, I believe that nap time is by my favorite part of the day. It is the one and only time that I have a moment all to myself. (That's if you don't count the short 5-10 minute shower I try to take each evening.) 

When nap time rolls around, I'm ready to drop everything I'm doing and sit down whether it's to join in on the snoozing or just to relax. I used to save all my busy work for nap time and unwind when Daddy got home, but with a big belly and zero energy, nap time is being reworked for other purposes. *smile* Today however, I feel a bit more energetic. Maybe its the idea that I get to hear the little one's heartbeat today at, my now, every two week appointment. Maybe it's because we've had a pretty good day so far. Low noise levels, friendly play, and almost zero temper tantrums. Maybe it's the peanut and banana sandwich we had for "munch." I don't know to be honest. But whatever it is or was I'm taking it with my big Moma smile.

A couple of weeks ago, I let the girls paint some butterflies. A simple little craft using some old file folders I was going to toss. I promised them that after they dried, they could hand them in their room. (Promise fail!!)

They were really excited. Butterflies are one of their favorite..eh...things I guess would be the right word?? Paint is up there on the list as well. Anyhoo...the whole time they talked about butterflies flying in the sky and mama and baby butterflies. You know how the little's can talk a whole lot and in most cases not make much sense to anyone but themselves?? yeah, that's how it was. *smile*

Well, I finally put a flame under my bum during nap time today instead of sitting and fully relaxing. I pulled out some yarn and got their little butterfly art pieces hung up for them to show off. Since they're sleeping right now, I thought I'd hang them up in the front window so they can see them when they wake up.

It's really the little things that excite them and seeing them excited makes this heart of mine happy happy happy. So, yes, we have butterflies dangling in our front window
flutter flutter!!! 


  1. those are cute! I would totally be excited to wake up to those ... and I'm not even a kid. love 'em!

  2. So sweet! And I totally hear you about naptime...I used to try to get things done during that time, because it really is the only time I have to myself (unless I stay up with max in the morning...)...but lately, it's been more for relaxing and sleeping...which is good. Rest up, mama!!! Hope you are feeling well.

  3. Cute idea! I would love to see a belly picture of you soon! Can't believe how soon your little one will be here! :)


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