Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Captions

We kicked off our weekend with some bounce time and jumping all over Daddy. Some pork chops and macaroni and cheese and we were ready to settle in to full relax mode.  I of course sat back and watched all three monkeys most of the weekend. Enjoying my view for the time I have left to enjoy it. Hello big belly. You are looking oh so...plump.

Outside was were we spent most of our time. The weather has shifted into the cooler numbers and we were grateful to escape the walls of the house. Little bits of summer are still left here and there waiting for fall to fully take its place. 

I did some work on meals for baby's arrival. Four pans of lasagna; one for supper, 2 for the freezer, one for the neighbor who just had hip surgery. Is it weird that I actually enjoy making lasagna? I used to hate it. I thought it was such a long and drawn out process. Now it's sort of therapeutic...I know, I'm weird. But it's so very true!

Friday I made homemade bread for supper. Out of no where, I started craving warm bread....and boy was it good. Mike suggested to brush one with olive oil and crushed garlic (the one on the left) and let me tell you, it was better than I thought. It had the taste of Olive Garden bread sticks and we all know how scrumptious those are. Definitely something that will be repeated. SOON! So bread and grilled bbq pork chops...perfection!

The girls tagged themselves as Daddy's helpers for an afternoon. Dousing themselves in soap suds and bubbles. Their boots were made for splashing and that's exactly what they did.

 They had fun...I enjoyed watching...the trucks are clean. All out success!

And our long weekend wouldn't be complete without a day of rest and family snuggles. Family meaning dog, baby dog, Moma dog, cow, pink baby, "bwue" baby, etc. 

Do you have this problem at your house? *smile*

I can't forget to mention the sweet little moment I spent folding baby's clothes. Putting them away in her room felt so real and dreamlike all in one. 

What an adventure we have in store for our family. Tonight I sit and relish in the love I captured this weekend. Enjoying the wind down time I have before the beginning of another week. The Littles are at Awanas and the hubby is out chasing his deer dreams hunting. I'm enjoying the quiet of the house. Awh...

The wind is blowing in the front window bringing with it the cooler air that was promised. Fall has officially arrived and we are excited for it's gifts. It is by far my favorite season. We have our craft supplies ready. New crayons. Construction paper galore. Finger paint on stand by. We're ready to craft it up and create our little hearts out. 

The kitchen is stocked with fall like richness. Things like apples, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, and apple cider and apple butter. Ready to fill the house with the smells that are oh so good.  For now though, the aroma of our new fall candles is sufficient enough. See you Monday!!

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