Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lessons from my Littles

These pictures here...they're not new. They're not that ideal "pretty" picture people like to share on their blogs. They're real. They're my girls. They're evidence of a lesson learned. 

For me, not them. Out of the ordinary, I know. You see, I've been in a rough place lately. In the midst of preparing for our new bundle of joy, I'm still held fully responsible for the care and nurturing of these two precious Littles. They still need me just like they did the day they were born. They may be closer to three than two, but they still look to me for guidance, for love and a tender voice to comfort and cheer for them. They desire my presence and yearn for my approval on all things. I've been struggling with them and my attitude twoards them. For me, learning how to balance all of this (how to prepare and care at the same time) has not been as easy.

 Thanks to my irritability level I've been missing out on the joyful moments of having two littles to share my day with. Instead I see things like ... 

-spaghetti sauce everywhere

- something that might get broke

-making a mess

-Paint dripping on the floor

It's not a very loving attitude to have towards them and something I'm not very proud of. I let myself become so concerned with the outcome than the joy in the moments. Do you know what I mean? 

So I've been praying about it and taking lots of slow breathes (sigh) and realizing that these Littles will be messy and silly just as little ones are supposed to be. 

-They will be curious in new things. 

- They share their artwork with each other

- They are amazingly sweet to their family majority of the time

They are little and won't be that for much longer.

They are also my everything. So my prayers are to open my heart to all things Little-like and see the good even when it's disguised as crayon markings on the walls. 

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  1. Oh girl, I totally understand what you mean. Oftentimes I get caught up with the mess and completely miss out on the fun. I'm so thankful for God's grace and His prompting our hearts to relax and enjoy these fleeting moments with our little ones.


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