Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Oh Precious One

Dear precious little one tucked so sweetly in my belly. I know I seem busy more often than not, but I don't want you to think that you go unnoticed. I feel you in there. Moving around and saying your peace about things... especially when you hear your sisters' voices.

My hands are filled with many tasks and I want you to know that most some of those are geared towards you. You are already filling my days with such joy and pleasure. Life is doing it's usual spin right around the house and things are slowly being put back together. I like where it's going. 
"You" included in the "us." 
It's a nice sound. Very nice!

In the early morning, it's you and I. That's it. A moment all to ourselves without distractions or noise. The rest of the day, your movements are in sync with your sisters' rythyms and motions. Busy, big, and Bigger.

Your presence has been well established and even though you're unaware of the fact, you are already such a big part of our family. Your name is mentioned more than ever and preparations for your arrival are popping up all over. Some things are even disappearing thanks to my recent desire to de-clutter and empty the house of all the unnecessary items. That's called nesting. You'll learn about that much later in life. Much later.

Your room is almost finished. Your bed arrived this weekend and it was put up with lots of help from your sisters. I can't wait to see you all cuddled up in it. There are a few final touches that I'm waiting to arrive and find time to finish up and it'll all be ready for your sweet presence. Are you as excited as I am? I sure hope so.

It's going to be different with you here. Things will be brighter and more lively. However, it's going to be amazingly full in the house. 

Full of love. 
Full of blessing. 
But most of all, full of proof that our God is an awesome and most powerful god completely full of grace and wonder. 


  1. Oh, precious, my friend! I can't wait to meet her. You're doing so well getting everything ready for her. What a blessing it is to all of your girlies to have a moma such as you.

    ~Love the way the nursery is coming together. WELL DONE!

  2. Aw! Such cute nursery decor! And now I am so eager to know her name! And see her little face! Oh what fun little ones are!

  3. I love this. You are not going to believe how you ever lived with out her. :)

  4. I love the decor!!!! When is your due date? I have so many friends pregnant right now it's hard to keep them all straight! :)


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