Friday, November 23, 2012

Feisty Spirits

She's a feisty spirit. A little spitfire if I've ever seen one...when she's awake that is. Gurgling and squeaking. Snuggle-bugging her way into our home.  She's stolen my heart more than once or twice already this week. Setting a nice record for herself.  :)

I've been waking each morning with intention. A goal for me to keep steadfast and sure when it comes to this new "Moma to 3 thing." I need no reminder that there are two others needing my joy and purpose just as much as little one does. They do that very well on their own I must say.

While this new road is sure to have its (many more than already)  bumps, I sit here this morning and surrender my fears and worry of imperfection and wrong-doings to the only one that knows my heart and inner strength better than my own self. He knows my worth and the possibilities I can endure. Whether its a sleepless night and two coughing sisters or a week filled with so much happy happy that our windows are bulging. So here's to my Lord that knows it all so I need not to. 
You are my rock-steady and solid ground
I want to be that feisty spirit that is full of nothing but love and  trust for you.
My heart will not teeter totter in the shadows of the unknown for you see ahead the things I cannot and I know despite any potholes, you have gone before me and know its goodness.

In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul. 
Psalm 94:19 

Doesn't that pure and simple fact just delight your soul ?


  1. Precious friend, well done! You are doing a great job! Love you.

  2. Such a little sweetie! You are in my prayers during this time of adjustment! xo


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