Friday, November 2, 2012

Grasping Everyday in October

I can't believe it's November already. I really thought that October would be the month that we'd have a sweet little addition to our home, but that notion has long since faded. Anyhoo...Back in September, I made a goal for myself that I would try to keep a photo journal of the month of October.  I know (trust me) that I already take a lot of pictures as it is, but I wanted to try and capture one particular moment or snippet of the day that really grasps how I felt at that moment. A challenge, but one that I really enjoyed and plan to continue. So today I'm going to share with you the 31 days of my October. Are you ready??

 Bits and pieces of fall popping up all over the house. Makes for a cozy feel.  

I love it when the hubby steps in the kitchen. We always have a great time cooking together. 

Fall time crafts with my girls. Messy paint always makes a rough day better.

Handmade gifts from adored loved ones make me anticipate Little One's arrival even more. She's going to fit so perfectly inside.

Sometimes life just calls for deviled eggs. Nuff said. 

Last touches on baby girl's room. Frill and delight...oh my.

This creature stole my heart a few years ago and continues to warm me up with his love today. 

Snail hunting. Little adventures mean the world to these littles.

Need I say anything? Really?

She loves her "tractor." I love finding great buys on Craigslist and saving the HUGE difference.

I love it when she just randomly jumps in my lap for sugar. I hope she never stops.

Mums in the ground to spice up the front flower beds. 

My attempt at kitty cat pancakes. More like bears if you ask me.

There's some serious concentration going on right here.

They've learned to play well with each other. An answered prayer.

Art time in our house is always so interesting. Today we painted with the ends of romaine lettuce. Creative!

Getting out of the house to play is good for the soul. I'm loving this face!!

Getting her clothes washed and put away.

Thinking about sprucing up the bedroom...thoughts and ideas for now.

I'm HOME as long as I'm with those I matter the place.

A little time in the nursery trying to get a grip on my impatience. So ready for baby to arrive.

A small moment to comfort a broken spirit and burnt hand.

Getting lost in some studying. Learning how to be a better Moma through His guidance.

Us...just being us.

Enjoying the moments I get in the kitchen to unwind through a stir of a spoon and slicing up some veggies.

A plan full of good intentions. 

Doing something girly full of sparkles and swirls.

All dressed up...pure excitement!

God made the moon and stars.

Everything's ready. The only thing left to check off is her arrival. 

I'm hoping that we'll be expanding this little thought here soon. Praying for someone's arrival to be within the next couple of days. 


So there you have it. My October in good photogenic fashion. It's nice to look back and see something special or silly or crazy about each day. I'm definitely rolling this into November. 


  1. I LOVE ALL THE PICS!! Can't wait for the newest addition. . .Thanks for sharing. . .still they make me miss you guys! :(

  2. I make a "Remember September" scrapbook every year. It seems so much simplier to put it in a blog post...may have to start a blog next september, lol


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