Monday, December 3, 2012

Grasping November 2012

A chilly start to a new month. Bible study done by candlelight....pretty cool in my opinion.

I decided to better organize some areas in the house. Pantry was number one in the book for November and probably the only.

Silly girl. She loves wearing her Daddy's hats and also steeling her Moma's heart.

Brother Bear keeping the just out of the dryer blankets warm and smelling fresh.

A little reading session. 

Hello sweet baby girl. We've been waiting for you. 

What a sweet thing to wake up to.

She has no clue what she's getting herself in to. A world of snuggles and smooches. Be still my heart.

A mess of good times. Thank you Daddy for building us a fort in the dining room.

Why hello sweet cheeks! So nice to see your eyes today.

Bath time! 

How did Daddy know the food table has shifted to a more healthier notion. He's got me all figured out.

OCD or not? Not quite sure. 

Sister's first time holding Ellie. Not quite a full second. 

Little gifts from family. Cute and cuddly.

I'm sensing some change here. No more chips for this NON-prego Moma.

Craft time with my big girls. Such a fun experience.

It feels complete now. Home that is.We're all here and accounted for.

Getting out and playing is always the perfect remedy to a day of the grouchies.

Sleep deprivation?!? Ha! Nothing coffee can't fix...temporarily that is.

We went to see the Festvial of Lights at Johns Island again this year. The girls got to roast marshmellows for the first time. Talk about exciting!!

All dolled up for a full day of Thanksgiving.

Wrapping her self around her Daddy's heart. 

A fun day of errands and pizza for being good. So good!!

Last night of Puggles for 2012. A little show for the parents. Sorry it's so blurry.

Decking the halls with our Christmas charm.

Catching some snuggle time with my baby girl.

Daddy's favorite picture so far. 

Christmas craft time. A favorite time slot in our house right now.

Cheers to November. Let the Christmas festivities begin. 

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  1. Looks like November was an amazing month. Can't wait to see December.


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