Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just Like That

There are these two little ladies that live in the room next to mine. They are small in nature but have imaginations as wide and deep as the oceans. Their humor seems to keep me on a roll and the are steadily testing their boundaries. (especially this week) It was just yesterday that I was waking mid-night to tend to their baby-like needs...

And so suddenly they're THREE. How can this be? No joke here...it's almost an overnight transformation. They're acting like three year olds, talking like three year olds, doing things by themselves like three year olds. If only they'd go potty like three year olds.  Hmmm...anyhoo...

I guess if I was honest with myself, I would tell yall that I've been in a slowly-but-surely manner noticing the slight changes and how I haven't been allowing them to sneak up on me a bit each day just as they're supposed to.  But golly'all  I can't say that!! It's as if they woke up on their birthday and decided to grow up instantly. 

As if they knew out of no where that they were now three and no longer my two year old twinnies. Telling me I can do this, I'll get this for you Moma, I'm going to go play. More by-my-self type things. Where did my the babies go?? 

We went up to Asheville for their birthday. We weren't expecting to wake up to a beautiful white layer of snow, but boy what a way to kick off a third birthday. No better present than that for our two little Cajun princesses. I'll share more pictures another time...

When we got home, it was as if I had two completely different people living in the room next to me. Next thing I know, I'm going to be sitting at the kitchen table one morning across the way from two  teenagers asking for my keys. Holy moly!!!

Time...please stand still long enough for me to soak up all their preciousness and what-nots. 
Lord...please give me strength to outwit this stage they're growing through. Lots of it please.
Girls...please bare with me. It's going to be a bumpy ride. 


  1. HAPPY HAPPY birthday to your beautiful girls. I have to agree 100% .. it was like a light switch at age 3. I just had/have no idea what happened to my babies. They were poof - gone! It's ebbed and flowed since... we have wonderful times when their maturity is helpful and amazing and then others when you want to scream as they claim independence. Perhaps next fall your lil ladies will be able to attend a little preschool program. That has helped us all tremendously!

  2. Awww, happy birthday to your little ones. They really DO grow super fast, I feel like just yesterday my daughter was turning three and now she's about to turn 14 years old. *sigh*

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet big girls! I love the pictures!


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