Wednesday, January 30, 2013

being artistic

If they end up being an artist in any shape or form, I will be making an understatement when I tell you its not from me.  You see, I'm one of those that can see the magic up here in this wild imagination of mine, but cant create it. My cousin Jamie amazes me. Always has. She was blessed with this talent that I have always envied. Creative does not justify her abilities. Where did my fair share of those genes go to? 

Despite my shortcomings in the world of art,  I'm working hard to give the girls plenty of room to explore their talent even if it is a lack there of. The house is stocked with as many mediums as possible. And art time is pretty much an everyday activity. Why not? 

Want to paint? Sure thing!
Lets make dot pictures...what shape?
Wonder markers anyone? By far my favorite.

You see, this is an outlet for them. A world without boundaries. A place for them to explore their hearts without having Moma hover over their shoulders telling them right or wrong. They can mix colors, swirl their ways and woes and get as messy as they please. Because in the end, if all else fails, we'll just plop down in a warm bath and wash it all away just to start again. 

And this is how I'm trying to look at my every day. I've been waking up with this idea in my head that things have to go this way or the day should look just. like. this. Thinking that this method to my madness is by far the best solution. When in deed I'm letting it steal my joy. All of it. 

So this week I've been striving....reaching....yearning for a new outlook. Digging deep for that inner strength and reaching upwards when I notice a lacking. I'm sifting through my non-artistic side and trying to create the beauty that I feel instead of tossing it all to the side for fear of judgement. 

--Like socks with my flip-flops just to hear my girls giggle out "stinky toes!
--One more extra book at bedtime than normal because who says we always have to be asleep by 7:30??
--Writing down the feelings that so easily overwhelm me through out the day.
--An order for one extra large box of play dough because the girlies love it so.
--Ten extra minutes in the bath because "our bubbles went flat."
--Making time for myself even when guilt overrides.

Simply getting away from the idea that staying inside the lines is the norm and the requirement for mothers of all kind. I've learned that right now, it's not working for me and that I'm doing better flying by the seat of my pants. Give me a crayon, some finger paint, a dab of glue and maybe even some flour on my nose and my day seems to mold itself into something beautiful all on it's own...without me even trying. And that my friends makes a world of difference in this motherhood trail I'm on. It may not look like a Smithsonian masterpiece, but it's my master piece create by a real Master of perfection. 
That's all I need. 


  1. Great post, and love the pictures :)

  2. Well done, Kristen!! You're doing so great, sweet friend. When you slow down and take the pressure off of yourself to do things "just so", you start to find the beauty and joy of each day and then your entire family benefits!! I'm so proud of you!

  3. Aww thanks for mentioning me! You know, I'm just as impressed by your artistic endeavors in the kitchen and making your house more homey! I've also found that life is a whole lot more exhilarating when you fly by the seat of your pants! Especially seeing as how every time I try to apply a plan to an artwork or anything in my life, God steps in and says "oh, is that how you thought it was going to go? LOL. . .well, you were wrong! My way is SO MUCH more interesting!"

  4. Such a great mama you are. Love these sweet pictures and posts. You always motivate me...

  5. I love this! Exactly something God's been working on me about lately too.

    What are those paint bottles that do the dots called? Would love to get some for my kids :)


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