Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ten Things Sunday

Ten Things Sunday

My attempt to recollect ten things each Sunday that makes me smile and feel grateful. 

1. We made it to church finally. All five of us. In church clothes. Teeth brushed and hair combed.
2. I made it through without falling asleep. Baby steps.
3. I'm feeling brighter lately. I think I rediscovered my sparkle.
4. I had coffee with some friends on Thursday and we declared it a monthly coffee date.
5. Working in the gardens. Planting season is soon.
6. Taxes...DONE!
7. Miss Ellie is getting so big.
8. Being silly with my girls.
9. A friend brought supper to us this week.
10. Relaxing with the hubby.


  1. You always have the best ideas... I may have to steal this one. So cute!!

  2. It's amazing when that sparkle comes back and how we quickly forget the post-baby funk. For good reason! Glad to hear you are feeling more sparkly! And congrats on church... such an accomplishment as I well know!

  3. It is so wonderful to hear you are doing so well! I am so impressed that your taxes are done! You go girl!

  4. So glad you are getting your sparkle back! I know what that's like!

  5. I love this one:
    2. I made it through without falling asleep. Baby steps.

    Lol. . .I can't fall asleep in church because of my job, but I definitely feel you on this one!
    My friend Jen does an exercise called "10 things that make me smile". When we go on mission trips we do this everyday, which helps us to look not only for the positive, but to search for how God moves in our lives. . .which we often can miss when dealing with the frustrations of mission work and life in general!


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