Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm Lovin It

Oh my. Its been one of those days. Already. You know the one that seems as if your eyebrows are never going to come out of serious mode. Yeah. Just like that. I hit a point this week or was it last where I was fed up with the toddler huffing n puffing. It can usually be heard shortly after a direct parental order. Sometimes, more often than not, the word no is mumbled and it drives me bonkers. Hence the reason for my eyebrows that feel stuck and the headache that's made its home right above my eyes. Coincidentally I'm sure.

I went out to eat last night with two ladies from church. Two really funny ladies that for 3 straight hours had me giggling like a little school girl. Let me tell you, it felt good. To laugh one of those, "I'm gonna pee my pants if you don't stop" type laughs. Which in my case, thanks to 3 kids, doesn't take much. And you know what had us laughing so hard? Stories. Stories of our kids. Stories of our kids doing things so similar that we were laughing out of gratefulness because we finally realized it wasn't just us. Boy did I need that reminder. Oh, and the food...was good too! *chuckle*

So how are you this morning? It's really cold here for being South Carolina. I can tell you that we won't be going for a run of any kind today unless it involves a "thank you for choosing Dunkin Donuts." yep. I'm going to forgo physically fit today and enjoy the few days I have left to dress so cuddly. 

Our busy body type of a week didn't involve anything too spectacular. A little bit of the norm mixed in with the crazy and before you know it you're eating supper with "Bwelle" and "Seeping Booty." It makes you feel quite privileged for such an occasion...honestly.  I'm lovin' it!

A little peek into our week....

: : We went to story time on base this week. Any excuse to get to the library is suitable 
     for me. 
: : Frozen pizza not cooked long enough results in soggy pizza. The sign of one tired 
: : The Ravenal Bridge in all it's glory on a run to Trader Joes. Oh how I love that store!
: : Going to the pet store for simple rainy-day fun.
: : One of the rats nests I had to brush out this week. What this child does in her sleep is 
     beyond me!
: : A little treat for us "girls." 

Now if you'll excuse me, I just heard some more of that toddler huffing n puffing type mumbling which in my "I'm not sure if my eyebrows will ever return to normal" state requires some much needed reprimand. 

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!!

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  1. Um, sounds familiar! My eyebrows are usually in the same state.

    So glad you got out for a girls night! What fun!

  2. OH, that hair-do looks so familiar! I tell them we either brush out or cut it out! That usually does the trick :)


  3. Oh wow. . .you're serious look is just like your momma's!

  4. i had the worst headache this week too. I finally broke down and went to get a massage, which resulted in the lady telling me that I'm clearly way out of wack and that's why I have a headache. Now if only money grew on trees so I could keep the mess from happening again. haha Thanks for linking up friend, have a great weekend!


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