Friday, February 15, 2013

A Lesson on God's Love

How did you spend your Valentine's day? Was it mushy romantic or cuddly cute? Did you get a sweet note from your secret admirer or did you forgo all the lovey hoopla that the day brings and go on about your normal programming?


Well, we spent the day talking about God's love. An appropriate topic you see. Even Ellie girl joined in on the fun. 

We dove into come artsy type fun. A little paint, cardboard, glue, tp rolls and a splash of imagination. We made rainbow hearts thanks to Little Bit Funky.. We discussed how the rainbow is a sign that God uses to remind us of His promise and love. And how we can look at it and remember how being a child of God is incredibly colorful. The tp rolls were interesting little lesson. I took one roll and cut it in half in front of them. I formed the heart shape for them to use for their craft but before I gave it to them I showed them how each heart shape was a little different but despite the differences, God still loves us the same. Sort of like being twins. They're both children of God but shaped a little bit different. They really got that one.

We also played with something new. Moon sand. SO much FUN!!!! I found these heart molds at the Airman's Attic on base and knew exactly what I wanted to use them for. While playing with the moon sand we talked about the heart mold and how in a way it's like God's love. The little hearts represent us, God's children, and we are all held together by the Father as one. Without His love  everything tends to fall apart just as the moon sand does without a mold to hold it together. Get it? They did.

We also ate festive foods that fit the occasion as well. Of course you can't go wrong with heart shaped sandwiches  I switched it up though. Instead of PB&J, I used cream cheese and strawberry jam. Here's what we talked about over lunch. God sent his only son, Jesus, to die for our sins . He poured out His blood (the jam) so that we could be washed white as snow (the cream cheese). There's No Greater Love. And then we ate. *smile* 

All day we talked about love from the most on high.The day was fun. I've never discussed the topic of love so much in my life. I think their understanding of  God's love is more firm than the day before. Something that makes any Moma happy I'm quite sure. I only hope that they really know how much they are loved not only by me but by the Lord. I can't wait till the next holiday to try and see how I can incorporate another lovely lesson into the festivity.

And then Daddy came home with an orchid for Moma. I think after last year, hes turned it into an ongoing tradition.
I'm definitely in LOVE


  1. So precious! And what is moon sand?

  2. What a great way to spend the day! I love those hearts, especially incorporating the story of the rainbow.


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