Saturday, February 23, 2013

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A Randomized Week...

Do you ever do get so behind on laundry that you're afraid if the kids get too close to the hamper the vibrations from their footsteps may cause an unexpected which only the best para rescue team would be able to dive in to recover the lost. Oh man! Laundry day this week almost got the best of me. I started at 630 and left my last load drying at 7 pm. Confession: It's still there. Head hung low in shame.  I figured I could fold it the next day. I had clothes everywhere.  Literally. 

 Ugh. Laundry
My nemesis. I need a system. Any one???

Pollen.  Its here. Nuff said.

I took the girls to base this week and they went out to see where Daddy works all the time. They were amazed!! Why hello you big ole' C-17 you! 

We went out for pizza this week. One of our favorite things to do. We found a little pizza shop tucked back away, right beside the only cow pasture in town. I'm not sure what's more exciting...the cows or the pizza. Get a glimpse of Ellie girl...her tongue is cracking us up these days. 

Here are some other quick shots from the week. Baby silliness and sisterly bonding. All things that make my heart make a healthy pitter-patter. 

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  1. So sweet!!! Love all of the pictures. My hubby works in aviation also :)


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