Monday, March 18, 2013

Dreams and Sparkles

My dreams are filled with many notions.  What it would be like to have a closet filled with beautiful clothes, a kitchen filled with the with the niftiest of gadgets enclosed by the prettiest of cabinets, a daily positive attitude, long wavy hair, matching furniture, acres for miles for my children to run through...need I go on? Oh! and every morning my bed is magically thrown together to mimic a Pottery Barn magazine set up. That's not so bad, right? Well, I'm fully aware that that is far from reality for me.  Not that these dreams are completely out of reach, I've just decided to see what's worth reaching for and what's not. All in all, I'm choosing to be more deliberate.  

Getting up and choosing happiness instead of showcasing my exhaustion has been my first step. I decided that after seeing this on Pinterest...

My husband is amazing at knowing what he wants and working towards it. I on the other hand like to sit back and wait to see if the opportunity arrives before I attempt to reach for it. Not the best approach now that I'm looking at it from a distance. 

So now, I take the time to be deliberate in the small things because in the end they are what create the big. I wake up and make my bed. HELLO Morning!! I start the day before I get caught up in it's busy-ness. I greet my girls with a smile and some sugar. I let the messes be messes while play is involved. I eat cookies for lunch and breakfast for supper. I'm looking up instead of down and searching for the sparkle that God has sprinkled so carefully in the every day.

I know that change isn't immediate. This all hasn't happened over night. More often than not, my hair is up and my play clothes are the item for the day. I get mad and angry often but have learned that He's forgiving as so are my girls and He will guide me to better decisions next time. It will get easier. 

I've learned...this is my life and with each day that passes it's starting to look more and more like the dreams I dreamt about long ago. Even if I didn't realize it back then.

 This Moma is HAPPY!!!

Bit's from our weekend...

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  1. OH my gosh, that picture of the girls washing their cars! It is SO cute! And Ellie is getting so big!!!


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