Monday, April 8, 2013

Hello Monday

Hello to you sweet friends. How was your weekend?

Hello to a new week. This Moma is tired. Allergies. 
That. Is. All. *smirk*

Hello to quirky little turtles that arrived from Kentucky. Beady lil' eyes. so "spawkly" is what I've been told. *laugh laugh*

Hello Spring. It's about time you joined the party. Although, I would have been just as happy about your arrival if you'd have left the 23 layers of pollen at the front door. Just sayin'.

Hello to some craft time. You've been truly missed. 

Hello sunshine. We've been waiting for you to warm up our souls from this chittery winter we've had.  

Hello to my Spring Cleaning List that seems a mile and forever long. No, for real. Is there a way to vacuum the ceiling  If so, please share the process.

Hello to ENERGY and simply being out of the house. It's time to run foot lose and fancy free through the foothills of our twenty acres of land placed in the middle of No-Where Tennessee our backyard. *smirk* We're finally feeling better around here. I think we've paid enough dues to the SICK Bank to cover the rest of the year. 

Hello to new adventures. YMCA Tots cheer-leading. Otherwise known as some socialization for my shy toddlers.

Hello sweet dandelion. Your disguise is so convincing. You're lucky the girls love you so much. The man of the house has plans for your demise. 

Hello blue eyes. You melt my heart. Done.

Linking up with Lisa for the first time...EVER!!

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