Thursday, April 4, 2013

Marching Forward

It seems as if you decided to do a fly by this year. Leaving a Moma more educated on the tender hearts of those little ones she watches over day-to-day. A couple of weeks ago at one of my weaker moments, I prayed for strength. It's funny how God answers prayers. A case of strep throat, ear infections, pneumonia  RSV, and one last stomach virus up roar just for giggles and I've definitely learned how to be stronger. I'm no master at it, but I've come a long way. My snuggles are stronger, my sugar is stronger, my go-with-the-flow-because-I'm-not-in-control is a lot stronger, my take-it-all-in is stronger, but most of all, my love for the lord is stronger. It's because of him and only him that I made it to April in one collection of pieces.

March is for watching baby slumber in the quiet hours of the day. 

March is for...enjoying the company of friends. 

March is for cheery flowers that bring warmth to our days.

March is for a bowl of hot soup to ease the not-so-goods.

  March is for a whole-lotta some catch-up reading. 

March is forgetting your birthday because you're exhausted from vomiting all night (is that TMI?) and having a friend bring you a cake and balloons to remind you.

March is for cuddling and side-sleeping.

Aside from being such an incredibly sick household, our march was overall good. I'm praying we're healthier for April. So far, so good. 

Here's to marching forward to see what's waiting for us around the a four year anniversary to share with my main man. You are what keeps me going and feeling fun and fancy free. Oh how I love you so!!!

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.

—William Shakespeare


  1. Sounds like we had "identical" months of March. You put it so well - STRENGTH... it's what we gain in trying times like these. Here's to April and warmth and smiles and less strength needed. ;) Oh - and we have those strawberry jammies too - so cute!! Ellie is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Oh what a gift I've been given today! A new blog post and pictures of littles in South Carolina! I'm sorry to hear that you all were sick this past month. . .hopefully that's all over for a long while!
    Love you guys! :)

  3. Sweet pictures! Soup looks delicious! Love that long pillow w/the precious side sleeper. I've never seen them are they new or homemade?
    xoxo carly

  4. So sorry y'all have been sick! We understand! The end of March was difficult for us with the sickies. Praying April is better for you!


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