Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Breakfast with Hope

Early mornings. Lately it's becoming a trend that Hope mosies out oh solitaire.  More and more she's waking up before her twin and joining me in the front room for the beginning of our day. She greets me with her sleepy smile then transforms into something spectacular. She almost fools me into thinking she's not a morning  person. That is until she starts to talk. And boy does she talk. A LOT. She eats her cereal, waffles or pancakes, more so pancakes. With butter I cannot forget. She mutters little phrases in between her bites of food and I sit there and listen while I sip my coffee nodding in response. 

While there are mornings I'd love to sleep all thanks to middle of the night occurrences.  I am loving these morning snippets I get with my silly girl. 

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