Thursday, May 9, 2013

I wouldn't  go as far as to say she was an uh oh baby, but her timing was all the Lords not ours. If it would've been up to us she would've been a summer baby.This girl is a gem. I call her Gigdet because shes so spunky. Her smile washes all the gray away and brings glimmer to any dark skies. In fact she smiles all.the.time. There's hardly a moment that I catch her not smiling. Sleep is the exception.

There have been times I've seen her smiling at nothing. No picture, sound to be heard, just her and herself.  And she'll smile. Not a quick smile but a smile of acknowledgment. And it makes me wonder, what does she see?

I guess where I'm getting at is, do you think that babies, out of pure innocence, can see angels?  Do you think that these moments that a random smile is brought on is the conversation between them and an angel?  But it makes my heart wonder.  If so, who is it that's there? 
Her granddaddy? 
Her grandmother?  
Or better yet,  
her sister?

I'm just curious as to what y'all think.
Am I crazy or just extremely sentimental?

She's six months now. That's half a year already that's tucked away for memory sake. Little Gidget, you are my sunshine. Not my only sunshine of course, but definitely a strong ray that's for sure. I'm grateful for your presence in my heart and the steadiness you bring to my ever wandering heart. Keep smiling your beam and you'll continue to bless us and the Lord. For you are a strong ray of HOPE!


  1. Tears in my eyes!!!! These babies are miracles!! You are not crazy!! I pray she is seeing all those angels. What a beautiful sight!

  2. She is sooooo precious and Angels... Oh yes!! I believe it :)


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