Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dress Up Organizing

My girls, they love playing dress up. It is not unusual for me to trip over dresses and princess shoes multiple times throughout the day. They have an overabundance of dress up clothes, shoes, bracelets, and whatever a little princess fills her wardrobe with. With a small room and closet, there's not so much room to store their dazzling collection in addition to their daily clothes. So it usually ends up looking similar to this...

I knew that if I wanted them to keep their room in order and keep from braking my ankle, I had to help them with organizing their stuff. So after helping them pick up one day, I looked at this empty wall and thought it would be perfect as a little dress-up station.  

I took an old mirror I had and hung it up for them. Every dress up area needs a mirror. Savannah made sure it worked just right. She loves showing off for the camera. 

They have quite a few bracelets and odds and end type pieces so I knew I needed some hooks for them to hang those. I picked up some of the newer Command strips. I'm all about less holes in the walls...if at all possible.

Hope helped me once I got all the hooks in place. She hung up all the bracelets and purses and made sure that they all worked right. I think she has a niche for organizing or maybe she was excited I was playing with her stuff. 

Not too shabby, huh?
Now for their dresses. This little guy has been with us since we moved to South Carolina. I have held on to it knowing that one day I would need it. I know I said that I'm all about less holes, but I knew that it would be used later for purses or sweaters even once they outgrow their dress up stage. 

A few screws and some more help from my girls , and everything was ready to go. I pulled a bucket to hold all of their shoes and crowns and called it a day.

Here's a look.

Now when I tell them to go clean up, they know where everything goes and that everything actually has a hook, bucket, box, whatever. No more stuffing things under the beds. Makes for happy girls and one very happy Moma.


  1. Cute, cute, cute!!! I love this idea! I might have to do it for my dress-up addict boy, Judah.

  2. Amazing :) I have got to do this!


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