Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sneaky Dessert

Yesterday, my friend and her daughter came over for a play date. The kids splashed in the water, jumped on the jumpy castle, got dolled up in princess attire and chowed down on some pizza. My friend and I sat back and enjoyed the show and chit-chatted about all sorts of things. It was really nice to have some adult conversation. I'm sure most of you know exactly what I mean and how I feel. So, enough about that.

She brought with her this dessert that can only be described as "heaven in my mouth." Yes, you read that right. Strawberries, cream cheese (I think), pretzels, and some other stuff all put together to create a spectacular event. She was sneaky when she went home. Sneaky. Very sneaky.

I kept myself from indulging in the remains last night. I woke this morning with a pounding headache and when I saw the plate still sitting in the fridge, that was all I wanted. 

I went back several times to get it. I saw each time I got the girls something. 

It stared me down and called my name. I just couldn't fight the battle anymore. And from the looks of the edges, it seems someone else couldn't either. *wink*

You know how it is when you don't feel good. You want something to make you feel better. Was this leftover gemma the answer to my prayers? Of course not, but would it make me feel better in a sense? Again, probably not.
Eventually, I caved and I ate it anyways. I still had my headache and still felt pretty awful. I felt guilty for caving but man was it yummy. 

I sent a text to my friend simply saying thank you and she responded with, "I'm glad you indulged on the leftovers. LoL!

Sometimes, you have to let go and enjoy life's little treats. 
         ----Via Me 

I looked around PINTEREST and found a lot of recipes that matched my little treat. Here's one I saved...

Source: via Lynda on Pinterest

If you like or love strawberry shortcake in any sense of the word, MAKE THIS!!!  


Go, get going! *smile*


  1. Yum! My Grandma makes something similar for holiday get togethers! Glad you had a fun playdate yesterday, and so glad you had leftovers to indulge in this morning! Hope you feel better!

  2. Oh wow. . .I totally know the feeling. . .this past week found me laid up with back pain, and I was desperate to find anything that made me feel good. . .nothing worked, but man I went through all types of feel good remedies (including chocolate and hot tea!). . .what made it worse is that it's birthday week(s) here in the Wiggins' household-pies, cake, cookies. . .you name it, it's made its way through the kitchen in last couple of days. . .NEED TO GO BURN OFF SOME CALORIES! :)


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