Friday, May 3, 2013

The Small Garden

Super quick...

So yesterday. 
It was one of those days where I was woken up woke up and just felt out of it. 
The girls woke up early and started my day off way too early in my book. 
Darth Vader type breathing in my face around 5:30 a.m. 
So after making cookies with them before lunch, 
I may or may not have eaten 3 or four my lunch.
All in which probably accounted for my daily caloric intake.
You know what?
That's ok.
It's ok.
It's going to be ok.
You know why?
They were AWE-SOME!!!

No really. 
I've learned there will be 
good days
great days
rough days
bad days
sad days
lonely days
 and however else you want to describe your days. 
But all in all, they are still YOUR day. 
So rock it!
Chocolate chip cookies and all!

Moving on...


The Girls and their garden this year. 
They love it.
But it needed something cute.

I told them they needed a name and in full toddler fashion, I got all sorts of  silly and crazy names thrown at me. Totally not what I had in mind ya know. 
Toddler Cove sounded cute to me but they wont be toddlers much longer so I moved on.

That is until I saw this...

One of the last chilly days we had in March, we went outside and I let them paint some pieces of scrap wood from one of our pile so we could get our creative juices flowing. But since we all got so sick last month, we couldn't finish and our little craft project was put on hold. 

Since we're all feeling oh so much better, I figured it was high time their little garden got it's name. I got busy during nap time last week and finished up their sign. With my inspiration on my tablet, I got to work. 

 I first free handed the words in pencil so I could have something to work with. I'm not very good at just painting as I go, so I have to have some sort of visual template. And with no Silhouette or Cricut machine to print out vinyl letters, I work with what I've polka dot pencil.

 After drawing it all out, I got out my black paint and used the smallest brush I had to paint over the letters. I think all together I spent 10 minutes. 

I love the way it turned out and can't be happier with the saying. I think it fits their little garden so well. 

Sometimes it's the little things.

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  1. Adorable garden sign, and I love the name :)


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