Friday, June 7, 2013

Highlights of the Week

  • The girls finally got some wheels. Some cute blue and purple mini bikes to scoot around on for the summer. Daddy even got to put them together. Is this a right of passage or am I just imagining things?
  • I pulled out some plates I picked up a whiiiiiile back at Target on clearance. 
  • I've been drooling over some wall arrangements on Pinterest and thought that this layout may look cute above the fireplace. What do you think?
  • After eating some amazingly fresh tacos on our weekend getaway, we couldn't wait to try our own version of fish tacos. Blackened mahi mahi with a homemade avocado lime cilantro dressing. So yummy!!!
  • A sign summer is pretty much here. Snacking in our undies cause it's much cooler this way. Takes me back to my "undies" days. 
  • Faces were painted while I worked out my exercise blunders. Excitement all the way home about who all was going to hear about it all. 
  • All laundry was done before our Friday night events started---movie and popcorn because it's raining cats and dogs thanks to the tropical storm steaming up the coast. Can I get a whoot whoot!! 
Happy Weekend people! 

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