Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Potty Training

Potty training is not a fun event. I think everyone knows that. Potty training twins...geesh! SO NOT FUN!!!! It's a rough task, I'll be up front about that. 

My girls have been potty trained for almost 2 months now. So, far they're doing pretty awesome. I'll be honest and say we've had some of those moments where it seems as if they just... uh...?forgot? about knowing how and what to do. However, I've tried to stay positive and we continue forward with smiles and lots of laundry. *smile*  

We tried last year around April/May to potty train the girls. I, like most Moma's that are expecting another, wanted and desired to have them out of diapers before baby arrived. Let's just say that it didn't' pan out like I had hoped. I'll also admit that I was scared and lazy. I had this horrible picture in my mind that my house would be covered in pee and poop and stink for days on end. We got to a point (like their 3rd birthday) where I felt horrible and embarrassed for my girls because they were still in diapers. Seriously, who wants to change a three year olds' dirty diaper. 

One day, I woke up and said to them, "That's it. No more diapers." And we haven't gone back since then. We grabbed a basket and threw big girls panties in it, pulled the potty chairs and set them up in the living room by the fireplace, stacked up some towels, rolled up the living room rug, grabbed some toys from their room, and then shut all the bedroom doors. 

My method?

1. The first day I set the timer to go off every 30 minutes. I didn't give them extra juice or anything special. If they went, they went, if they didn't, they didn't. 

2. They got a mini M&M for going pee and a sticker for poop. Simple. After the first day, we started calling people for incentives. The girls loved to tell their grandparents and Uncle Bub that they pooped on the potty. Anything to help motivate them.

3. At bedtime they wore pull ups. They've been waking up dry for quite a while but this was just in case.  

4. For about 3-4 days, we stayed home. No errands or shopping. We stayed at the house so we could really get the hang of the whole potty-going concept. Afterwards, we put on some shopping panties and went out and about and amazingly came home dry!!!

5. Set aside all of your chores so that you can focus primarily on them. Seriously. Pull out some craft stuff and let them do something fun in their undies.

5. Accept the assistance of the takeout menu or rely on your freezer meals. 

6. Enjoy this time with them. It's a lot of ONE-ON-ONE that you'll NEVER get the chance to revisit. Remind yourself of this when you become overwhelmed which you may or may not become. 

7. Just breathe. Don't get angry, don't let the frustration show. If they have an accident show them grace. They WILL get it. 

8. Don't rush them.


- If they don't do well with pulling their pants up and down, let them wear the undies only. Otherwise, you may be in for more accidents than you desire. Lesson learned. *sigh*

- When going to a store, introduce them to the BIG potty as soon as possible. Get used to making time for their potty breaks.  

- Make it a "No fear" situation. My girls are scared of the flushing, so we sing silly songs to keep from meltdowns. 

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  1. Yay! Good job, Moma!! Isn't it wonderful knowing that they're not going to be twelve and still in diapers? Whew, you made it!


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