Monday, June 24, 2013

Way Too Short.

That's my feelings on the concept of weekends.

Why is that whoever initiated the whole restful weekend idea only allotted 2 days? Why not three? To me, it really feels like one whole day that isn't quite long enough to squish in all the fun that we have planned. Despite the shortness of it all, we have once again had an outstanding weekend.

What better way to greet summer than with burgers and veggies on the grill? We spent all Friday afternoon and evening outside literally soaking up the sun. I think its safe to say we are doing it right.  

We woke up early Saturday morning and hit the road for Kiawah Island to dip our toes in that east coast sand.  I think the ride there is almost as enjoyable as the beach itself. Roads shaded with old Carolina oaks that create a tunnel-like feel. It's so pretty!
This was baby Ellie's first trip to the water. 

She was amazed by the sounds and the birds that kept flying around. She laughed almost the entire time.  

By the time Sunday rolled around, we knew that we wanted to be outside to soak up more of the weekend goodness. A new slip n slide made its home in the backyard and the girls brought out their new beach towels to play with the neighbor friend came over to play.

We dined on some watermelon and played out in the yard until the good lord sent the rain. With supper already planned, we had to roll with the punches and do what we know best...improvise. In this situation it meant grilling in the rain. 

Thank you Daddy! !!
Its only been two days so far and I'm already loving this feeling. When the sun leaves your skin glowing, that over all calm that runs through your veins, salty sea air, sand everywhere (ok, maybe that one isn't as preferable), the sound of laughing kids, cold popsicles in your hands, enjoying grilled food every night, grass between your toes, sprinklers running through your hair, and that feeling of pure exhaustion as your head hits the pillow at night. 


We're glad you're here!!!

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  1. Aw, yay!!! I am (can't believe I am actually admitting this!) missing the heat here, but we are trying to soak up time outside too! And I completely agree - weekends always feel too short!!


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