Tuesday, June 18, 2013

weekend happenings

So I know it's Tuesday already. Things have been slow-going but busy at the same time. I'm sure you understand. Not much went on this weekend at our house. We kept everything on a low after the big heat wave that burned through the east coast.  Talk about brutal!  We started the weekend off with some sprinkler fun and  kept cool that way.

Early Saturday morning we got up and walked around the farmers market. Drooled over all the local produce and mingled with some of the farmers.  I really love the farmers market. Like a lot lot. I got a lot of veggies for only  $6 and cant wait to eat it them all.

The zucchini was only 75 cents each and I want to make zucchini boats with them. Sooo excited!  We also got a watermelon but it wouldn't fit on the counter without rolling off.

The girls went to a birthday party for a church friend on Saturday. My Little Pony was the theme, which I have to admit, turned out pretty cool. I have a little less than 7 months to plan a fun 4 year  party for the twins  and 5 for miss Ellie s 1st. Where to begin?! I know it'll be here sooner than I think.

Sunday morning the girls and I tried waking up quietly so daddy could sleep in. With our house being so close knit, its hard to keep even the  quiet voices on the down low. I made him his favorite breakfast, biscuits and gr y and bacon. Had his coffee ready for him when he got up in hiss favorite cup. The girls gave him hugs and wishes for Happy Father's Day and quickly informed him he was to share his bacon.

We had an easy going day enjoying being around our favorite guy. The neighbors came over and we sat and played outside in the water and grilled steaks and potatoes for supper. It was such a nice relaxing day.

We attempted a cute picture with the girls and their Daddy. Ellie just didn't want part of it. Typical though. How was your weekend?

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