Monday, August 19, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend

Oh my goodness.
Monday is here already.
Our weekend went by like a whirlwind crossing a pasture. I blinked and it was gone. I'm ready though. Ready to kick off this week with a bang.

My camera sat quietly on the sidelines this weekend while my phone filled it's place. We were moving at fast pace therefore a lighter device was much suited. I shared a lot of what we did on Instagram which you can find me HERE. Some I kept for later. You know those days when you just need a pick-me-up. Those silly pictures we tend to take with our kiddos are the best for days like that.

The weather was iffy all weekend. Rainy here and there but we managed to squeeze in as much fun and relaxation time as we could. My mailbox was busting at the seams with some happy-happy mail this weekend. Ikea teased me with their catalog on Friday and then come Saturday, a package from a lovely Texas gal arrived and a sweet letter from my pen-pal, Jamie. I felt so blessed (more so by the last two).

Saturday, we got up at a decent time and managed to get our rears to the gym before we got that Saturday Lazy bug. You know what I'm talking about. Then after naps were done, we went to town and ran a few errands. 

I wore my new hair wrap from Shes Sew Sassy and got googly eyed by my Ellie girl all night. We grabbed some pizza at our favorite pizza spot and headed home. Everything just clicked. The girls were in great moods. The traffic flowed smoothly. The pizza was yummy. And the company wasn't so bad either. *wink* I love it when our "fun" nights are fun all the way through  Sometimes, things don't play out like you think they will but this night they totally did!!

I did a great job at relaxing on Sunday. 

That's always a tough thing for me to do, but I really tried hard. I'm not kidding. The clothes stayed piled up by the garage door and it was only after lunch and nap time was over that I realized that the funky smell I kept sensing was something lying in the depths of that mile high laundry pile. YUCK!!! It sure was nice though, propping my feet up on the Mr's legs while doing absolutely. nothing. 

I did get the necessary done however. 

My meal planning---check!
My workout plan---check!
My goals list---checkity check!
(If you want to take a peek at these, just click the one you're interested in and it'll take you there)

Now, I'm off to drool over the IKEA catalog and sip on some Pinot while sitting with my puzzle goonies. 

Happy Monday!!

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