Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Girls World

 It's a full-on girls world at our house these days. Three little girls keep me busy busy and on the move. Hugs, snuggles, smooches, spankins', diapers, princess undies, snacks and treats. It's a true giggle-some adventure  Two big sisters that are teeter-tottering the fence with their little sister. 

Some days they want nothing to do with her, she's bothering them every minute of the day. Other's, they're sneaking soft touches when Moma's not looking.  Little one yearning to keep up with eyes that run faster than her knees can push her.


My heart is busy with overflowing love and gratefulness and my mind is attempting to maintain balance with the busyness around me and the scripture and prayer that I need. It's hustle and bustle, to and fro...but that's how we fancy it I guess. 

And so you don't get this assumption that all is hunky dory in this precious little world I'm in, here's some reality for you. As we speak, a cup was just dropped on my kitchen floor baring probably two ounces of a nice milk-cereal combo. Tempers are on the rise because yall know "that was not nice!" And the shrill voices of two little ladies yelling for Moma back-up are getting closer and closer. Where is the baby You ask? Probably awakening from this startling circus act taking place in the kitchen that has no sound barrier what-so-ev-ER! 


Oh these ladies. They're a mess I tell you. Disciplinary actions occur more than not lately. This is the season they're in. 

The word No is throwing them a curve-ball for some odd reason. *wink* Words of wise from one very wise on this subject: 
"They have no right to make you mad! Teach them that.
I love her
I listened. 

They're getting it I think. Still, I'm kept on my toes.

So my baby.
She'll be 10 months soon. 
No lie. 

The Mr and I were talking about how, for some odd reason (right?), that it seems like she's growing up so much faster than the girls.

I sigh.
Fight back more tears. 
He laughs because I'm too sentimental. 
I shrug it off because I know I'm a sappy Moma. 
Then he hugs me and tells me I'm doing a great job. 

Balance is tough when you have three. I try really hard to be consistent in making sure I have one-on-one time with all of them. Ignoring things I "need" to do so I can squeeze in one more cuddle, one more book. It's important they ALL know that Moma loves them ALL.


Ellie is a sight lately. Every day that passes, a new page of her loving personality unfolds and we are grateful to be the ones chosen to watch. She is so quirky and fun-loving. She's a Moma's girl for sure, but she is crazy about her Daddy! I think the feeling is a bit mutual. 

 I'm so curious to see how she differs from the girls. In all honesty, she is silly like her Daddy, but when she shows her attitude, it's a whole lot of her sisters. Time will tell.
It's going to be so fun!


The twins, oh man!! They're like weeds I tell ya, growing so much everyday.  We were talking to them last week about how old they are and it hit me that they'll be FOUR this next birthday! 
see I told you I was sappy!

They have so much input on things, opinions, things to tell me and show me, things to help me with or to do All. On. Their Own. 
Four is going to be a whole new world. 

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  1. Oh my word, this post was so sweet! And Ellie with her tongue sticking out?! Hilarious!?


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