Saturday, September 14, 2013

Life Lately

We've been busy lately. What's new really?
The girls had their first soccer practice this morning and totally melted my heart once again.
They're pretty good at doing that though.
Fall rolled in on time, just as the weatherman suggested it would.
I woke up, opened the back door, and took a deep breath.
I heard God's whisper in the breeze telling me it was going to be a great day.
I believed Him.
So I made cinnamon rolls.
It felt right.
The girls didn't complain. *smile*

The girls started Child's Day Out this week too.
They did great just as I thought they would. 
It's funny now to be in and around the house and not have them calling for me.
Ellie loves her one-on-one time with me. She doesn't get much when the girls are home.
She is a great helper with light chores and thinks she's really sneaky with their toys. 
What they don't know won't hurt them, right? 

My Bella girl is on the road to better. Her week was rough and very frightful.
We thought for a while we might lose her, but she had us fooled.
Silly little dog. She still feels pretty lousy, but her spunk is slowly resurfacing.

Sweet September. 
It is by far one of my favorites. 
There's so much new right now.
So much going on, my head is in a spin cycle.
Trying to find balance in it all.
Trying to learn the steps to this new choreography the Lord has provided.
Trying to keep my chin up when failure precedes the most.
Trying to find peace in the season I'm in...which is BUSY with a side of CRAZY.
Its not easy, but I'm trying.
After all...

....and together we'll make it awesome.

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