Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hope Spoken

Next year is going to be big.
Like really BIG.

On the same weekend I turn 30, I will also be taking a big step and attending my first ever conference...

hope spoken

     A little
     Like you wouldn't believe
     I say bring it!

I'm going and I'm still having a hard time believing it.

I'm linking up with all of the other amazing women that are going and here's what we're sharing...

5 things for Hope Spoken:
- post your picture so that we can recognize you.
- introduce yourself!
- something that you are little timid or nervous about for the weekend
- something that you are hoping to take away from Hope Spoken
- share something fun/random about yourself

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---Hi. I'm Kristen. This is my place; silly and surreal. I have 3 beautiful little ladies that trail after me day to day and call me Moma. My husband serves in the Air Force which has graciously stationed us in the luxurious Charleston, SC. 

---I am a watcher. I enjoy listening to others and tend to forget to speak up. I'm nervous this might happen more than not. So if you see me and I'm not talking, just give me a little pinch.  I'm also nervous about my story. I'm still figuring out my walk with the Lord and worry that I'll have nothing to share. Then there's, my babies. My husband will be deployed so I'm still worried about who will be there to care for them. Details are still being worked out. I'm praying I don't have to sell my ticket, but all in all, I'm leaving it up to Him. 

---I want to shine for Him. I want all of my fear and anxiety to float away. I pray that this experience encourages me to step outside of my comfort zone more and to reach upward even more. 

---When I was little, everyone joked that I would have twins one day. My grandparents even bought me a set of twin doll-babies. They thought they were so funny. Also, I love Mary Poppins, polka dots, and Dunkin Donuts Coffee. That is all.


  1. i'll be praying for you in the months to come, especially for childcare! can't wait to meet you in march & sip some coffee together! xo.

  2. I'm the same way when it comes to just hanging out and listening to everyone else and while I feel that little nudge inside to speak up, more often times than not when I do open my mouth, I feel like it comes out all wrong. Like, ok brain, way to work together with my mouth! ;) I'll pray for us both that we can get the strength and courage and confidence to just let God take over and push us. And hopefully you won't have to sell your ticket!

  3. I am very envious!! I would love to go!!! And.. I didn't know about the deployment.... I'm praying for you, girl. You are an inspiration!!!!!

  4. I am so glad you are going, and so proud of you for just doing it. I'll be praying that childcare gets worked out, especially in light of the deployment, and that all anxiety/fear will vanish. I know that the weekend will be great - and I am sad I can't be there to hang with you, BUT I know God has great plans and He has good things planned.

  5. That's so funny that everyone joked you would have twins and then you did. I love when those kind of things happen! :) I will be praying that everything works out and your girls are all well taken care of while you at the conference. I think it will be an amazing experience but as a mom I know you won't get anything out of it if you are worrying about your babies!! Praying God has a great plan for you all for that weekend :)

  6. you sweet angel lady! can't wait to meet you :)

  7. I'll pinch you if you'll also pinch me for the same! I just realized how weird that sounds if you don't know the context!


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