Monday, November 11, 2013

feeling grateful

this weekend was back to normal
back to our way of things
no runny noses of any sorts
loads of energy busting at the seams to make up for lost time
i'm so grateful that no one got worse than they did

with a birthday come and gone we started to put things away when i realized a couple things
i really liked cupcake liners...they now have their own jar
i like the dainty feel of the old they now sit on the kitchen table 
after a trip to town for dog food, i walked in the door with some goodies from target
not sure when these lovelies made their way into my truck.
just kidding...grateful for such inexpensive cuties

we didn't do much when it comes to excitement
we're trying to take advantage of the little moments we have
when daddy's not checking off pre-deployment stuff, we can be found playing in the backyard
watching little feet make their way through a big backyard
soaking up the change in the weather
just being together 
i'm grateful that that is enough and that we need nothing more

we dug through the hand-me-downs
with cooler weather moving in, little arms and bony knees are in need of some cozier covers 
while we were shopping through our bins
someone found an open door in the hall and a big bowl of water
swimming occurred both in the toilet both and in the big bathtub abruptly following.
my ellie lee keeps me on my toes more so than the twins ever did
i'm grateful she's the caboose to our little 5 car train

we are busy
our house is loud
there's never ever a dull moment
but that's how we family though
and for that 

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