Friday, November 15, 2013

It Gets Better

Standing in the grocery line, she looked over and smiled. I must have looked frazzled and exhausted. The girls were running circles around me all while Ellie sat cozied in the front of the cart admiring their zest. That's when she stepped over and whispered...
it gets better.
It. Gets. Better.

I looked at her and smiled, sighed, and said thank you. I tried to corral my ladies while trying to keep from seeming rude. She sure was a precious lady. She even offered to help unload my buggy. As I stood there watching the cashier scan all the items, I thought about what she said. It gets better.

I looked at my girls. Their hair and their eyes. A mess and sparkle. Their bodies so full of spunk and hearts so innocent and pure. They looked up and me and simply smiled, chocolate smeared from their cookies.

You know, it's hard to really say that it's gets better because really, this is pretty awesome!
Happy Friday! Hope you all have an amazing weekend.

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  1. Oh what precious girls you have. Could they be any cuter?! Happy weekend, friend :)


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