Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Easy Days

Some days can be so hard. A battle just to make it through.
Even when I try to make the best of the grumps or blahs.
But then there are days like today, where things just...flow.

There have been more of these lately. Letting go of those non necessity things to be more with those littles that won't be this little for long. I adore these days. It's easy to forget how easy being can be.  The giggles, the smiles, the baby tackles hugs that melt my heart again and again. They are precious and I'm catching it all because I'm just there with them. 

The girls got their own little tree this week...their own lights, their own little ornaments. 
All for their room. They got to decorate it and set it up. They were very proud.
I've put up some Christmas in the house too. My indecisive nature is holding me back from finishing the mantel. Where's that OK button when I need it?

My Ellie girl is busy as ever. She's started dancing and getting her groove on. Bring a beat and she'll bust a move. I'm serious. I laugh nonstop. She's a hoot! 
Check my >>> instagram <<< to see a clip of her.

Easy days. They come and go. Lesson learned...the more I let go, the more I see.
So that's that. How's your week going? Are you getting ready for Turkey Day??

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  1. This post reminds me of when Russ, Lana, and Leya came down to visit this last October. Lana kept telling me that I didn't have to pick up Leya everytime she begged for me to. I told Lana, "I only get a few days each year to hold her in my arms. Soon she'll be too big for me to pick up at all. I'm gonna take advantage of every moment I can to lug her around!"


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