Sunday, November 17, 2013

another down

this past week was great.
we stuck around the house mostly and only wandered the aisles of the grocery store for snacks and such. the weather brought that arctic blast that i'm sure you probably felt as well. we were very pleased;
we got our jackets and boots out to celebrate.
i even made a pot of chili to commemorate the occasion.

i started adding some christmas to the house despite the week and some days til thanksgiving. this year it just feels right to kick off the season earlier than usual. i'm noticing a few others that are feeling it too.
i worked on a wreath for a while. taking a much needed break from my bow and dress orders. it was a nice break. 
now i'm really ready to put more up. i set up the coffee bar in more festive fashion. it makes sipping a cup of vanilla nut coffee at 2:30 in the afternoon even more fun.

the girls had their last soccer game saturday morning. a little party afterwards to celebrate and get to get their trophies. i'm so proud of them. they now have something shiny in their room to represent their hard play work. 

we've been doing some early christmas crafts. a few ornaments. some twinkles in their room. it's a nice feel to the ordinary of days and helps me forget that november is almost over and that day in january is that much closer. i'm leaning on my savior to help me take my days as they come and count my by one.

it's not easy but its doable.

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