Monday, December 16, 2013

One happy Moma

despite me not being so on top of my game this weekend
things went pretty well. we finished up the rest of our decorating. 
i'm taking lots of pictures to share with you on wednesday. 
it was even more fun this year with the girls jumping in on the decorating.
stepping back and letting them decide on the tree.
not easy for my ocd mindset, but i let them have at it.

i have always enjoyed lighting a new holiday candle to help create that cheerful feel.
i think everyone does. when my house smells welcoming, i'm at my happiest.
 there's always something about it smelling cozy to me. it just makes me happy.
sometimes though, i like to do my own thing. 
so bring on the orange peels and spice.
after picking up a huge back of mandarins from trader joes, i knew it time to whip out the homemade potpourri.
its such a cozy smell.

some orange peels, cinnamon and a good bit of water in a pot.
seriously, the best smell ever. there's no yankee candle out there that tops this smell.
all i do is put it all in the pot and put it on the back burner at a low heat.
soon the house is filled with a warm welcoming aroma.
when the water runs low, just add some more.
this morning i even added some vanilla and that was the bees knees.
i love it when my house smells good and yummy makes it even better.

do you prefer candles or home made slow simmers? 
chime in. maybe you have a different concoction to share.


  1. I am going to try this! Seems like it smells awesome!!!

  2. Ok, this sounds really cool. . .mom and I are going to have to try it, too!


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