Friday, August 22, 2014

Around Here


--Daddy has been home for just over a month now. We've been soaking up every minute of family time we get. Some of our days are spent being lazy inside just being together. Some have been outside for the entire day. As crazy as it may seem, every now and then I catch myself wondering if he's really home with us or is it just a dream. It's an adjustment, but we're managing very nicely.

--Everyone here has started school. Even some home-schoolers I know have even kicked off their year already. I'm just not sure I want to let the summer go quite yet. The heat, well it can go. I'm not fond of this 100 degree weather, but the fun and carefree feeling of summer can stay for now. I like watching my littles play and splash or simply run around burning that energy. I'm a HUGE fan. That is until the fall feeling rolls in. I'm a sucker for that time of year.

--The sales ads are full of school supplies and fall decor. Some stores are already setting up Christmas aisles. So sad. I'm not rushing this year by no means. Ellie will be 2 in Novemeber. The twins will be January. So we, especially myself, are taking each day as it's own. Enjoying our time and what it brings.

Being back as a whole family is so nice and rewarding. I missed these moments while he was gone. It makes me even more grateful for all that I've been given and thankful that those dirty old boots are back at my front door again.

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