Wednesday, August 27, 2014


we sat outside on the porch monday morning.
well the mr and i sat while the littles went back and forth and played
it was 65
it was beautiful
it had the smell of mountain air
of course it wasn't...but...

i could picture the scene in front of me
the sunrise and outline of the mountain tops
i've seen it many-a-times before
i long for it even now

there are many times i put myself there, my mind that is
when i feel overwhelmed
stressed and unnerved
all of which i've found myself in the middle of lately

the mountain air
it's my calm
my peace
where i feel at home

it's simple

so i watched my littles play at my feet
i drank my coffee and watched
breathed in the cool "mountain" air
and let Him know that i am grateful
for the simple

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