Friday, February 27, 2015

Becoming a Big Girl

She's my little spitfire of a lady. She's spunky and full of sass.
 I think I've said that before though. There are times raising her seems easy as Sunday morning and others I can seriously feel the grey growing at record speed. 

She's been acting so growny lately, especially after our trip to Florida a couple weeks ago. While  we were there we saw that she might be ready for a big girl bed and went ahead and brought home a bed from my Moma and Daddys. When we asked her if she was ready, she was so excited. 
We bought her mattress from Sams and made it a big deal about it. It was a huge night for her.

That same night her Daddy set up her bed and I got it all set up for her. It was bittersweet to see her crib sitting in the garage. She looked so tiny in her big bed, but she was in love with it. I was a little afraid she would give us trouble with staying in it, but she totally surprised me. She's always been such a good troop where bedtime is involved, and she still is. 

This is one change that isn't so tough to deal with because it's so sweet. 
But still....where has time gone?

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