Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Getting Ready

We started clearing our garden beds out two weeks ago. The rain stopped long enough this past weekend for us to get out and really get it all ready. We've gardened in the past, but I think this time will be even more fun. The girls are big enough to help and actually learn something from it. I'm excited for summer days outside playing by the gardens, picking vegetables and hopefully watching my littles try something new for once. 

This will be the first time we'll grow potatoes. We're attempting the trash can method. Layer after layer of potatoes...a girl can dream right? The big girls actually dove right in with helping. Daddy let them drop the potatoes in the dirt and now they ask every morning if their ready. It's going to be a long summer. 

It wasn't long after we were out there that the shoes flew off and their little toes were covered in fluffy soil. It was so neat to watch them prance around and enjoy it. They "stirred" the dirt and helped me pull out old roots. Ellie just ran around being, well, Ellie. 

With the weather so crazy this year, I'm not sure when we'll actually be able to get plants in the ground. I'm really hoping it will be soon though, I'm so ready as are my girls. 

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