Friday, April 24, 2015

Lemonade and Childrenisms

This week has been all about getting back to my old self. It hasn't been easy. After a virus that harsh, energy is hard to get back to 100%, especially with my three amigos. 

The girls have been begging to make lemonade lately, but I didn't have a juicer to make it. After coming across a hand juicer at Goodwill the day after they asked me, I only figured it was meant to be done. So a bag of lemons, some sugar, and a whole bunch of giggles, we had a quart of lemonade. 

Me: Eat up before your cereal it gets too soggy.
Savannah: yeah Hope. Cause it's es-pensive
Me: yep. exactly

Hope: Hey Moma, do ya know what kind of bird that was? 
Me: what kind punk?
Hope: a monkey bird --hahahaha-

Ellie: Ma, I baby tiger, you the Moma tiger
Me: ok, so I'm the Moma tiger?
Ellie: no ma!! I baby tiger, you Moma tiger...rawww!
k, ma?!

Hope: Moma you're the best
Me: the best what?
Hope: the best, you know
Me: for what though
Hope: the best for cooking sausage but not the patty kind. like bacon is good.

Savannah: Does that pin in your shirt hurt?
Me: no, it's just a small pin. why?
Savannah: does your shirt have a hole in it now?
Me: a very small one, but it'll go away.
Savannah: so it'll heal like my leg? Poor shirt

Hope your weekend is beautiful!!

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