Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bits of Everything

I think today deserves a commendation medal or something. Every piece of dirty laundry that resides in the Barrett place has been washed, folded, AND put away. I looked under every bed, behind each dresser, under the couch, between the pillows and cushions, under the rug and in all the baskets. Things that have been missing since before they existed. It wasn't easy. It took a while, but it is finished. 

Let's bow our heads and close our eyes for a moment of silence shall we. Cause Lord knows come tomorrow this will probably be undone. So I want to take in this short moment of pure organizational success and enjoy it for what it is. TRIUMPH!!!!!

I love watching my kids. I love watching how they move through their day. Now, I'll admit I've always been more of a people watcher than one to involve myself in the happenings so this only comes so natural to me. But there's something about my girls. I could watch them all day. All day.

The way they dance through a phase their in with such ebb and flow. Their interests rise and slide out like the tide on the shore for toys and games or anything for that matter. Sticks. Bouncy balls. Sidewalk chalk. Stuffed animal with capes. 

This week they are about coloring. Hours upon hours upon hours of coloring. They have come so far with detail and what not. They color and color and ask for opinions. This is the part I love.  

"What do you think about the cat and her rainbow tail? Isn't she beautiful!?!"

"Moma, I color you a Minnie?! K, Ma?"

"I'm coloring a mermaid with a bird tail that has magical feather so she can fly in the ocean super fast!"

I'm enjoying this stage as their watcher. I sure hope it lingers a bit longer. It's welcome to stay as long as it likes. 

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