Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Meeting the Womp

Homemade womp donuts bring back a lot of fun memories from being in the kitchen with my Moma. 

Pure excitement. 

That's what kind of feeling we would get when Moma would mention making them. They were called womp donuts. A sweet yummy treat that tasted like heaven. They were called womp only because of the sound the can of biscuits made when she opened them. It just stuck. I knew one day I would share them with my girls and pass on the joy of devouring one or two...or three. 

It's no secret that my kitchen is extremely limited on space so working with my girls is something that does not come easy. It can be challenging to show them, help them, and watch them learn. But I try and patiently help them. Making womp donuts was something I knew they would love to learn and would be easy enough to work with.

They are so easy to make.  Here's what you'll need.

one can of store biscuits
a skillet with hot oil
your choice of topping (powdered sugar, icing, sprinkles, sugar)

Heat your oil in the skillet so it's nice and hot. 
Open the can of biscuits and form them into an O shape. 
Place them in the skillet and brown each side.
Allow to cool for a few seconds then coat in sugar.

They had such a fun time making them. They covered theirs in sugar. Pure sugar. Needless to say they were crazy later on that day, but it was worth it. 

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