Friday, May 1, 2015

Camping: Packing Clothes

Packing has never been an easy thing for me. I usually end up packing everything but the house. Packing for a trip where storage room is limited makes that even harder. So when I started packing for our camping trip, I really had to dig deep for some ideas. I even learned a few things that I'll make changes for the next go around. 

I thought I would share a few of my ideas for packing for a family of five going on a camping trip. 
We stayed in a fairly large tent, no extra storage and no where to do laundry. So I had to keep that in mind when picking out clothes.

I go through and pick clothes for each of us:
Pajama Tops
Pajama Bottoms

The kiddos get a outfit set for each day and I usually bring extra socks, undies and as many swimsuits as they have. Mike and I get an outfit per day and a few extras as well. That's about it for clothes. 

For this camping trip, I decided to roll all the clothes and put them in a container. Shirts and shorts rolled together. Pj's rolled together. You get the idea. Sock and undies were put into a large ziploc bag to keep from getting lost. When I needed something, I would look for the persons clothing roll and pull it out easy as that. Keeping it all together in a container helped to keep from having clothes all sprawled out through out the tent.

While this idea worked okay, I think the next time I'll put all of the girls shirts in one bag, shorts in another, pj's in another...and the packing goes on. That way I can just grab a bag and pull out what I need. We'll see how that works for next time.

So that's about it for my packing wisdom. I'm still very new to the process. If you have any ideas to share, Oh I'd love to hear them. Anything to help with the process. 

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