Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Time at the Table

My kitchen table looks like this most of the time. The only time you might see the table itself is right before we sit to eat. I love seeing it this way to be honest. Setting aside the neat-and-tidy mindset to let their little minds roll and imaginations bloom. That's the important part. 

I myself am far off from having any artsy type gift but despite my lacking, I want to them to explore those boundaries and test the waters. You never know what will come out of our time at the table. 

Some times they'll ask to make a certain craft. Others times it's simply for the markers and blank paper. This week, thanks to the "could come at any time of the day" rain showers, we have done so many little crafts and artsy type projects. They've had such a blast. Needless to say, my house has turned into a big showcase for their work. 

I've colored with them a couple times. One day we colored a 4-part flower. Each of us had our own piece to create a very unique looking work of art. Ellie was so over the moon about using markers she colored her nose (and no I did not take a picture)

They like to explain their pictures to you afterwards. 

Details. Details. 

My favorite part about watching them is seeing how their strengths shine through. Hope works with intention. She can be extremely focused on her work and ignore all that goes on around her. Savannah is quick. Like a marathon artist. The quicker the better. Ellie takes her coloring very seriously and loves to color her books over and over and over. But I love it! All of it.  

There are days when the couch and my cup of coffee sound so enticing, but I sure do love our time at the table. 

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