Friday, September 4, 2015

This Week...

...has been a little fuzzy for me. That's what a head cold or allergy attack does to me (not sure exactly which it was). However, I managed to pull through and looky where it got me.


Despite my sinus headaches, runny nose, and all around irritability, we had a pretty good week. We learned where we're going to and that we have to be there by the end of January. Talk about get-up-and-go. So, instead of sitting here tonight pouring out all the things that are rolling through my worry collections, I decided to share some of how our week went down.

-sweet morning hellos
-talks of dreamy clouds and marshmallows
-sidewalk conversations
-lots of coffee
-and my new love of herbal teas...mmm.
-rain on the windows
-after school snacks and what nots
-running through the feilds
-chasing geese
-the trampoline finally made it to the house
-new friendships are blooming
-clean sheets
-laundry was finished
-giggles and laughs
-art time with my little lady
-squeaky little playtime voices
-almost 3 year old snuggles (tear)
-lots of hugs from the mister
-even more from my three sparrows

I loved the week. It really was a good one. I'm off to kick start the weekend with the family. Hope your weekend is a good one. 

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