Thursday, September 10, 2015

When I'm Not Blogging

Sometimes I miss this place. Someone once told me that I should blog more. That I should spend a few more minutes of my day sitting here telling my story. That this place is important.

The thing is, I love this place. My little piece of whatever this internet world is. All mine to speak and sing how I choose. It's important to me. To keep record of my family and our adventures. To share our life with those that can't be near to share it with us in person. It's how we communicate and family.

Sometimes though, I like a break from the dedication it takes to keep it up. A break from the purposeful intention to write my thoughts. There's a lot more on my mind than I will ever be able to share here and sometimes that frustrates me, but that's my life. There is a lot more to it than this place and all of it's upkeep. So I find it important to remind myself that I need to take time away from this place to be in my real place. Where there are no pictures to be noted, no thoughts to be typed out. Just experiences waiting for me to soak them up and enjoy them. I'm embracing it.

There is so much that goes on when I'm not blogging.
When I'm not blogging I am tending to my home. Washing dishes, wiping my kitchen counters, flipping the laundry.
When I'm not blogging I am planning meals for my family. Figuring out the tweaks for gluten free.
When I'm not blogging I am getting my children up for the day. Hugging their necks and feeding them breakfast.
When I'm not blogging I am accepting the reflection in the mirror for the woman I am...just how God intended it to reflect.
When I'm not blogging I am listening to my girls sing praise songs as they play with their Barbies. (Who knew that Barbies could praise the Lord?)
When I'm not blogging I'm teaching my girls to let loose in the kitchen. It's where the best dance parties happen.
When I'm not blogging I'm trying to be the best wife I can. No way am I perfect, but I try to be the best I can be. No overrated expectations here. Just me being real.
When I'm blogging I'm settling arguments between the girls. Wiping tears of frustration.
When I'm not blogging I am living life and only when I find a minute or two do I sit down to blog about it. 

I have found that by letting go of that "must-get-to-it-all" attitude to just be in the midst of our family life,  I have found more happiness and joy in being a mother and wife. It's not an easy task. It's really hard in fact because I love being able to share everything here. So to the person who once said I should be here more, please understand why I'm not.

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