Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bubbles & Giggles

Nothing new, but I really do love it when my girls are laughing and playing. When they come up with these games that creates nothing but ecstatic giggling. It will go on and on. I love it. Today they're playing pillow bump with the couch pillows. Not my favorite game thanks to my motherly intuition, but they're having fun and have been warned of the possible outcomes.

And just like that they've gone from pillow bump to river rock hopping. They're imaginations really amaze me.

While I love days like today, it's been a while since we've had one containing so much sisterly fun. The last couple of weeks the atmosphere in the house has been lacking that full feeling. Daddy is gone away to school and some certain little someones haven't been so keen about his absence. Neither have I to be honest. Really though, who likes it when Daddy's gone?

Last week we all started fighting an ugly little head cold. The girls ran fevers and we all took turns at the doctor. Nothing major just enough blah to make it miserable. Thank goodness though we're all on the upside. There's nothing better than waking up and instantly realizing you feel so much better. Needless to say, my floors got some majorly overdue attention today. Talk about gross!!!

Despite the girls not feeling 100%, I still let them enjoy trick-or-treating. They picked out their costume ideas way back around August time and we've worked so hard together getting them ready. The excitement was so high that I knew I needed to let them go, especially with Daddy being gone. The event itself would help them take their minds off of him not being here for so long. The twins decided on Super Kitties and Ellie chose Rainbow Dash. I think they all turned out pretty cute.

In spite of all the life that's taking place, right now my favorite part of the day is when the sun starts turning in and  we get to start picking up the pieces of the day to tuck them in for a good rest. Bubbles and clean hair.
Calmness and bedtime prayers.
A good dose of sugar for the girls and off to dreamland they go.
And Moma props her tired feet up on the couch and totally passes out.
When does Daddy get home again?

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