Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Almost Christmas

Two days left until all of the anticipation of the season is at a calm. My three little birds' excitement gauge is at a full time high right. Every morning they check to see if maybe Santa made a visit early. Ellie just wants us to open one "itty bitty one...just one time." Enough temptation to make her cheeks squish up and her squeaky voice melt my tough Moma-Bird heart. As always, we wait.

We've been talking a lot about our move to Idaho lately. The girls are full of questions. Some of worry, most just innocent curiosity.  Things will kick off quick after Christmas though. Decorations will fall back into their boxes and the movers will be here gathering all of our things. Time has moved quick and our cross-country move is at our fingertips. 

We've tried hard though to make sure that we carry on our traditions even if change is so close. Even if our home is full today and empty tomorrow. They need the steady and recognizable. They need the fun and excitement of the expected. So we've done just that for them. 
A trip to see Christmas lights. 
Waiting in line to see Santa.
Christmas crafts.
Silly school days.
Elf hunts in the mornings.
Hot chocolate.
Special Christmas books...
and of course
the continuous Christmas carols. 

They are happy.
They are having fun and full of Christmas joy.
And that makes it all worth it. 

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