Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rolling Along

With the girls in school again, they are gearing up for their first big Valentines Day party. I would love to show you how I helped them create Pinterest worthy valentines...but I'm not really a Pinterest worthy Moma. Their treats are Tar-jay specials through and through and you'll find no shame here. They are excited. They wanted no help from me to get their cards and treats ready. So funny my little birds.

I think it's safe to say now that we are settled. School, grocery shopping, gym time...we've even thrown some swimming lessons in there for some excitement. The biggest adjustment so far is Daddy's new schedule, but that will get smoothed out eventually. For now, the girls and I are spending a LOT of time together. Trips to town for errands, crafts and playtime, cooking, and so much cuddling you just wouldn't believe.

This little bird here...she's so strong willed its ridiculous. I mean so so stubborn and set in her ways. It's driving me crazy but man is she teaching me a lot about being patient. The mornings are ours...just me and her. She loves it but she uses it to her advantage. The rest of the day we battle it out and but heads. I'm thinking it's because we are so much alike. Again...ridiculous.

Our biggest struggles right now is her paci and potty training. The paci thing is fixing to go cold turkey. The potty thing...she has ZERO interest. I have tried every incentive you could imagine. No treats. No amount of stickers, special privileges, phone calls to family...nada! She's tough. I don't want to get mean about it but I sure am tired of changing a three-year-olds diaper. So if you have any suggestions, send them my way.

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  1. One of my twins was very hard to train. I eventually just took the diapers away and put undi's on, and we had a couple accidents but he got the point. :)


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